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Acne.net's mission is to provide a comprehensive resource about acne and available treatments for acne.

This Web site and its content are maintained by Harvey H. Jay, M.D., a Board-certified Dermatologist and Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Cornell Medical School, with a private practice in Manhattan.


Acne or Acne Vulgaris is the Standard Acne that occurs in people of all ages. (For a discussion of Rosacea, or Acne Rosacea, which usually involves facial redness and pimples, please visit our site Rosacea.net.)

The 5 basic forms of Acne lesions are:
  1. Blackheads or Open Comedones
  2. Whiteheads or Closed Comedones
  3. Papules or red pimples
  4. Pustules - pimples with a central collection of white pus at their top.
  5. Cysts or Nodules - tender, sensitive, deeper lesions - filled with pus.
Treatment for each form can vary. For each topic, I present an outline of various treatments, but specific recommendations or prescriptions should best be obtained by seeing an experienced Board Certified Dermatologist.

Ultimate Light pulsed light has produced dramatic improvement of acne lesions with or without additional acne treatment.

The photographs below show the effect in one of our patients.
Dramatic clearing of acne noted 2 weeks after Dr Jay's Ultimate Light pulsed light treatment. 7 months after first and only treatment 23 yr old male noted continued clearing of acne, as well as a reduction in density and coarseness of hairs. No other treatment was needed to improve acne or unwanted hair.

We compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that contains key facts about acne that are frequently unclear to patients

Evaluation of each persons complete medical history and an examination of the specific acne lesions, will enable the skilled physician to determine the need for limited topical or medical treatment or if a more extensive medical evaluation is needed. Please remember that cookbook, protocol-based, and/or rushed superficial medical care will only produce more profit for the practitioners, at the expense of the patients physical and financial well-being.

Pregnancy, medications, medical problems, rashes, cosmetics, endocrinological, menstrual, psychological, and occupational issues may all play a role in producing acne or requiring a modification of standard treatments.

Pregnant patients require extreme caution, since many medicines, especially Retnoids such as Accutane, have the potential to cause severe damage to the fetus. An evaluation of the need for any treatment should include consultation with the pregnant patients obstetrician. Rarely, should a pregnant womans acne require topical or oral medication. Most acne medication, especially Accutane or Retinoids, should never be recommended for pregnant women, women who may be pregnant, or possibly their sexual partners.

Most importantly, please be aware that each medication mentioned on this Web site has advantages and side effects. It is very important that all relevant issues be fully discussed with each patient by the responsible dermatologist.

Any discomfort, or possible side effects should be immediately reported to the treating Dermatologist. Treatment of acne should almost always be relatively painless and comfortable. Any deviation from this norm should be immediately reported to the physician, and the causative agent modified or discontinued.


I hope that this site has been helpful.

For specific medical information or individual treatment recommendations you need to be seen by a dermatologist in person. If you would like to be seen as a patient by Dr. Jay, please phone 212-755-2237 for an appointment.

Please be advised that I cannot respond to medical questions via email. All medical questions require that you be seen in person by a board-certified dermatologist. Please phone 212-755-2237 to see Dr. Jay personally, or see your local dermatologist. Thank you.

For information about the treatments I provide or to see before and after photos of patients, please visit my site: https://www.mdlaserderm.com/.