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An Introduction to PhotoDerm

What do facial blood vessels, Rosacea, leg veins, spider veins, brown spots, scars and sun damage have in common?

All of them can be reduced by PhotoDerm Pulsed Light Therapy! Most of us have an unsightly mark we want to hide: Facial blood vessels and redness, leg veins, an elevated scar, a port wine stain, a spider vein or even an unwanted tattoo seems to grow in size in our mind’s eye until it takes over our complexions. Good news: It’s reduction is no longer a mere fantasy. Dr. Harvey Jay, a cutting-edge New York City dermatologist, can help rid us of confidence-robbing skin imperfections with PhotoDerm Pulsed Light Therapy.

PhotoDerm Pulsed Light Therapy, essentially an adjustable laser, has been used worldwide since 1995. In recent months, however, its full potential has gained recognition. Most lasers— including CO2 lasers and several models from a variety of manufacturers—are calibrated narrowly by the manufacturer. This means the wavelengths of the laser are virtually non-adjustable. Not every vein, scar, or blemish is the same from one person to the next, or on an individual’s body, so it doesn’t make sense to medically treat them in the same manner. With the PhotoDerm’s range of flexibility, Dr. Jay can customize light treatments for a wider range of problems and to a wider range of skin colors and thicknesses. Dr. Jay varies the number of pulses and the energy of the light to target different layers in the skin. This flexible, interactive approach of the PhotoDerm, coupled with Dr. Jay’s experience, can erase or minimize many skin afflictions— such as broken or visible capillaries in the nose or face, spider veins in the legs, elevated scars, age and sun spots, sun-damaged skin, even tattoos— in a way that even invasive techniques can’t match.

All procedures are performed in Dr. Jays office without the use of local anesthetic. No needles or injections are required. Minimal split-second discomfort is experienced by the patient who can resume regular activities (barring sun exposure) immediately following treatment. Usually, one to five treatments are needed, depending on the severity and nature of the condition. Dr. Jay has studied the effects of varying the wavelengths and pulses of lasers for the past five years. In more than three thousand treatments, less than 1% of Dr. Jay’s patients have experienced side effects such as temporary, short-term darkening or lightening of the skin (hyper- and hypopigmentation, respectively).

Utlizing his Ultimate Light™ method, photoDerm safely treats unattractive veins and other lesions without injections, surgery or anesthesia. PhotoDerm generates intense pulsed light which gently destroys visible veins so they fade and slowly disappear. This innovative patented technology, coupled with Dr. Jay’s knowledge and expertise, allows us to customize the treatment specifically for your skin type and the size and depth of your lesion. This flexible, interactive approach to treatment cannot be achieved with any other non-invasive method currently available. Since a light source is used for treatment, rather than an injection or incision, discomfort is minimal. Patients typically describe the feeling as similar to a pinch or the snap of an elastic band. Local anesthesia or pain medication is not required. A beam of pulsed light is comprised of hundreds of colors of light and can be customized by Dr. Jay for each specific shade of blood vessel, hair, or skin pigment which he is treating. Standard lasers are limited in that they utilize only one or two preset wavelengths of light. With our pulsed-light expertise, we can safely and effectively customize hundreds of wavelengths in thousands of combinations to specifically treat each individual treatment site.

PhotoDerm is a non-invasive medical technology that utilizes pulsed light therapy to effectively treat:

  • Prominent blood vessels anywhere on the body, including the face
  • Rosacea
  • Brown spots
  • Scars
  • Spider Veins
  • Leg Veins
  • Reddened skin from sun damage
  • Port wine stains
  • Hemangiomas

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