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* Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
* Board-certified Dermatologist
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A--Hair Removal: EpiLight

View before and after photos from one of these cases:
Case 1--Thigh Hair
Case 2--Chest, Shoulder Hair
Case 3--Chin Hair on Female
Case 4--Abdomen, Female
Case 5--Closeup Abdomen
Case 6--Cheek Hair, Female
Case 7--Chin Hair, Female
Case 8--Back Hair, Male
Case 9--Female -Arm
Case 10--Dark Skin Chin
Case 11--Close-up of Case 10
Case 12--Dark Skin Upper Lip
Case 13--Ingrown hairs
Case 14--Forearms
Case 15--Chin
Case 16--Back
Case 17--Sideburn
Case 18--Right Side of Face
Case 19--Type 5 upper lip
Case 20--Inferior chin
Case 21--Close up of case 20
Case 22--Right Lower leg
Case 23--Left lower leg
Case 24--Finer hairs post Treatment
Case 25--Bikini
Case 26--Abdomen
Case 27--Left chin
Case 28--Below the chin
Case 29--Inferior chin close
Case 30--Black Skin Chin
Case 31--black skin sideburn
Case 32--Dark Skin Scar
Case 33--Dark Skin Chin
Case 34--Dark skin face
Case 35--Left Chin
Case 36--Abdomen
Case 37--right calf
Case 38--Upper back
Case 39--Upper Back
Case 40--Chin female
Case 41--Right Chin
Case 42--Right Upperlip
Case 43--Thigh **2.6 years after Treatment**
Case 44--Calf **4 years after last Treatment**
Case 45--Lowerleg **Only 2 Treatments **
Case 46--Dark skin chin
Case 47--Underarm 1yr later clear
Case 48--Dark skin 1 treatment
Case 49--Inferior chin
Case 50--Bikini
Case 51--Abdomen
Case 52--Chin **4.5 Years Later**
Case 53--Below Chin **4.5 Years Later**
Case 54--Abdomen
Case 55--Sideburn
Case 56--Sideburn 4 yrs 5 months later
Case 57--Chin 4 yrs 5 months later
Case 58--Upper Back 2 Treatments
Case 59--Lower Back 2 Treatments
Case 60--Shoulder 2 Treatments
Case 61--Chest 1 Treatment
Case 62--Upperback
Case 63--Cheek 2.5 yrs later
Case 64--Chin 2.5 yrs later
Case 65--Back of neck-just one treatment
Case 66--Female Chin
Case 67--Female chin
Case 68--Forearms 14 months after treatment
Case 69--Chin and neck Ingrown Hairs and Hairs
Case 70--Chin 5 months later
Case 71--Sideburn 5 months later
Case 72--Face Ingrown Hairs and Hairs
Case 73--Upper Back
Case 74--Chest
Case 75--Female chin
Case 76--Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome's (PCOS') Unwanted Hair
Case 77--Underarm 2.25 years later
Case 78--Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Unwanted Hair Chin
Case 79--Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome's Unwanted Hair Chin
Case 80--**6 YEARS** after last treatment!! Male leg
Case 81--5.5 years after 1 treatment - Upper Back
Case 82--5.5 years after 1 treatment- Back
Case 83--** DRAMATIC CLEARING ** 6 months, Male Face
Case 84--** DRAMATIC CLEARING ** 6mos Male neck and chin
Case 85--Female Right & Left Sideburns ** 7 months
Case 86--Female Chin and Neck ** Only 2 treatments
Case 87--Hair Loss 6 YEARS After 3 Treatments - underarm
goldstar Case 88--Skin type 6 female chin

goldstar Case 89--Left forearm, female, 14 months after treatment

goldstar Case 90--L axilla (armpit), female, 14 months after treatment
goldstar Case 91--R axilla (armpit), female, 14 months after treatment

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