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Ruby (694 nm wavelength)

The Ruby laser systems include: RubyStar and Palomar E2000.

The Ruby laser has a shorter wavelength system. However, it frequently produces side effects such as pigmentary changes (lightening or darkening of the skin), or worse, for patients of all but white skin.

While claims have been made regarding safety in treating darker skin types such as type 3, or even 4 and 5 (brown skin), I would not recommend using this lasers for treating unwanted hair in any skin type other than very white skin.

- Harvey H. Jay, M.D
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The information on this site is provided as our analysis and opinions as of April 2007. For more specific information contact Dr. Harvey H. Jay at (212) 755-2237. The results with each machine vary with the skill of the physician operator. No blanket endorsement of one machine or method is possible or intended.