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CBS Internet Minute
Internet Minute for Tuesday, June 2, 1998

WCBS Newsradio 88's Harley Carnes
featured on www.internetminute.com

Laser Light Skin Treatments
It's the latest thing for fixing splotches in your skin, or getting rid of unwanted hair. Laser Light. They dab some light conditioning gel on the problem area, zap the offending follicles with a laser and that's the end of the line for that hair. Doesn't hurt, so much as tingle. Dr. Harvey Jay is a Cornell Medical Center dermatologist and his web site is chock a block with information on the procedures, before and after pictures, and info about the doctor. There is a bulletin board for dermatology discussions, and an online consultation feature. Point is, it's a good place to learn about these laser procedures, about the kinds of skin problems they'll treat, and to answer questions like: how long does the hair stay gone once it's been zapped! It's at www.mdlaserderm.com.

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